15 Juni 2014

Eine sonnige Begegnung

Just a few days ago I found this Pinn on Pinterest: 


A friend send me this, because she thought I would be interested about this other artist who is making birth giving dolls. And of course - I was. So I became aware of Lina Maria Aguirre and her beautiful website. Her label is called "Sonniger Wald" and she started making dolls years before I founded "Sonnenwiege". Her kind of making dolls fascinated me. Her way to tell stories with her dolls - not only with her birthing dolls - also with her "another beings of the wood" - touched me.
I wanted to contact her, but as her website was mainly written in Spanish, I was not sure if I could contact her in German or English. But I was lucky - she also found my page - just a few days after my first visit on her site. She wrote me a mail and a brief exchange of mails resulted. I´m lucky to met such a dear colleague in the virtual world. But there was a drop of bitterness beside all the kind words we exchanged. Lina wondered if I made my photos probably based on her ideas - without mentioning her as the author. I was kind of shocked. Because respectful interaction with other people and appreciation of the creative performance of other artists is very important to me.

Some similarities of her and my pictures are really amazing and so and I can understand her suspicion.
However, my images could not be made ​​according to her ideas, because I did not know her photos when I was making mine. My pictures were inspired by experiences I made while working as a midwife. 

I can´t and I don't want to undo the pictures I've taken.  But I can and I want to introduce to you the fabulous art of "Sonniger Wald".
I want you, my dear readers, to know about this great artist, who lovingly deals with the same theme over years, that also captured me: Birth and maternity. The love of family.

She made this pictures long before I ever thought of my first birth giving doll. 
I´m glad that she contact me and we could "talk" about this misapprehension.
I´m so sorry that my pictures made Lina feel robbed of her work, without that I had aware done something wrong.

I think it is important to beg everyone: Respect the creative work of others. Let the work of others be your inspiration, but respect the copyright. Mention the source. Respect the creative works of others as they should respect your creations  And if it happens without awareness - talk about it and search for a way to pay tribute to original author.

This should be my way to pay tribute to the fabulous art of Lina. And maybe you like to see the pictures of her and mine in direct comparison. Now that the anger has dissipated, I enjoy looking at these pics. I admire Linas eye for details. I am excited about the similarities and the differences.

   Sonniger Wald:


Sonniger Wald:

Sonniger Wald:


Lina has a beautiful mind and a generous heart: She contacted me asking friendly and not blaming me. I hope that many of you will visit her at this place full of fantasy and magic. You will find her Facebook page here and her portfolio at Flickr.

Lina, I am glad that I´ve "met you"! I admire your creations and hope to see more of it. 
Sincerely, Tabea

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