01 Juli 2014

Stina is available again!

Notice from 7/2/14: Stina is sold!

Few misunderstandings on both sides causes that the drawing of Stina went a little bit (just a little) wrong. It would take to long to explain the details. The thing that matters is: She is available again and I decided to offer her directly from this blog. Stina, her baby, placenta with cord, clothing with hand knitted details and baby carries cost 395 Euro + 38 Euro for registered, insured shipping. If you like to give Stina and her baby a new home send a mail to tabea.korten@gmail.com. If she is still available I will send you an invoice and my paypal address. She's ready to ship and will be on her way the first working day after payment. Infos and Terms can be found hereI highly recommend this doll for school children and to show them first with parents accompaniment. This doll is not suitable for children under three years due to small parts and magnets. Choking hazard.

One of the problems ,why the drawing went wrong, was that Facebook changed its algorithm. I received mails from people who were disappointed, because the Facebook post with the notice of the drawing was not, or to late shown on their comment wall. So I decided to announce next time on the landing page of "Sonnenwiege" when new dolls are available - at least one week before the sale starts. 

If I´d want to reach all the people who liked my page via Facebook, I´d have to pay for it. And this would be not affordable for me, if I had to do it every time. I want to try something new. I created a Facebook group to announce new dolls and custom spots. So if you want to make sure you wont miss a doll via Facebook, I welcome you to join this group: New "Sonnenwiege" dolls and custom spots. Of course you are welcome to post pictures of your "Sonnenwiege" dolls there. 

And I will also leave a note on Twitter and Flickr.

I hope on this way everyone who is interested, will achieve the news. I don´t want to leave people disappointed ;).

Have a nice day, Tabea

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